I'm Laura Helen Winn, a designer (and photographer, and illustrator, and community organizer, and...). I'm a generalist who believes that a product's aesthetic quality is just as important as the way it works. 

For the last two years, I've been independently contracting in San Francisco and traveling the world. I've spent the last seven years designing for tiny startups, large companies, and everyone in between. My clients include Facebook, Apple, and OpenTable.

I spent two years as an interaction designer at Smart Design, designing and researching ideal experiences. Before that, I was the second designer at, where my contributions helped grow our user base to one million people.

Oh, and I planned three conferences across three cities in less than two years as half of The Secret Handshake.

Currently seeking in-house contracting projects. 
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Laura is a delight. She’s well-spoken and has a great energy that she can bring to bear on projects and a team. She’s strong at ideation and connecting research to concepts and insights. She’s worked on a variety of projects, from web to devices to mobile, and is always willing to pitch in and help whenever she can. She’s always eager to improve and learn, which is one of her great strengths.
— Dan Saffer, VP of Product at Mayfield Robotics