New Year, Same Me

Happy new year, everyone! I hope you enjoyed a serious break and relaxation over the holidays. 

Our sweet airbnb in Nashville

Our sweet airbnb in Nashville

I was home in Tennessee, in a loving rapture of doing absolutely nothing at all. I got to spend time with my family and my nephew, who is the cutest little boy on the face of the planet. He's so curious about everything, it's really inspiring to be around him and listen to him make up stories. 

My nephew taking photos on his first camera

My nephew taking photos on his first camera

Now I’m back in San Francisco, easing into the new year. A sinus infection is holding me back a little, so I’m grateful that I didn’t fill my plate too much this week. And that’s something I did on purpose.


My only resolution for 2015 is to guard my time. Do the things I say I'm going to do.

“Time is the coin of your life. You spend it. Do not allow others to spend it for you.” Carl Sandburg

I’m thrilled to be working for myself, and I’m working with a handful of wonderful clients on interesting, exciting projects. However, being the guardian of my own time proved to be difficult. Time goes by so quickly in a day, especially when you mix in running errands with conducting meetings. I’m also super social, and love the freedom of meeting up for coffee and lunch anywhere, anytime. But if I’m not careful, the best and most creative parts of my day get wiled away and there’s no recovery.

As much as I want to meet up with other creative people during the week, I have to put my business first. So my only resolution is protect my precious work time and dedicate myself to it. This is a lot easier to do now that I work from home instead of an open office. I’m not nervous about anyone looking over my shoulder, interrupting me to ask a question, or attending a meeting just as I’m getting into a work groove. 

I’m really looking forward to what this year brings. Between starting my business and diving into The Secret Handshake content, 2015 is looking bright.

What are your resolutions this year? What are you looking forward to in your life?