Video Roundup // 4

I'm really enjoying creating these video roundups. I think for future posts, I'm going to dig around the internet a little deeper and see what comes out. For this week, we have Aubrey Plaza, an Icelandic teaser, and endless Youtube videos. Enjoy!

Music video for JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound starring Aubrey Plaza and Jake Johnson, better known as Nick from New Girl. The song is super catchy, Aubrey is fantasticly moody as always, and Jake owns some physical comedy in his signature style.

Sigur Ros announced a reissue of their 1999 LP Ágætis byrjun, and released this trailer teaser as part of the announcement. Self-described as a "Shity little film." Really looking forward to this.

via It's Nice That

via It's Nice That

Lastly, Skip Youtube is a site that surfaces Youtube videos that you would probably never find on your own. Considering that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, there's a lot of weird stuff out there that I'm missing out on. Visit Skip Youtube and see for yourself.