Video Roundup // 9

It's Friday! Time for another Mariah-fest to get us into the weekend and in the mood for That Love Day. Let's go!

1. Honey

The jetski video!

2. Heartbreaker

What I love is that the video jumps right into all girl synchronized dancing. AND I forgot about her evil brunette twin!! Things that make me laugh: Jay-Z in the back just saying “sing the song!” 

3. Fantasy

I’ll forgive the clown at the beginning, but ONLY because of the little girl dancing, that belly chain, and classic Mariah surrounded by dancing dudes. Can anyone tell me where to get a cropped zip-up sweatshirt?? Yeezy season 1??

4. Shake it Off

We need to shake off the week before we can enjoy the weekend. What I love about this song is her reference to a Calgon commercial. I bet you $100 that people a few years younger than me – or even my age, 26– don’t get the reference. While we’ve got the fightin’ words out, I’m gonna say that Mariah and her little girl dance gang beat Taylor Swift anyday. To top it all off, she defaces public property with a Krink marker. Done.

5. I Want to Know What Love Is

Am I trolling you? Maybe a little. This video is weird. Screw it though, I love this song! Try getting it out of your head the rest of the day, I dare you. You’re gonna listen to this 10 more times today and do a little desk karaoke - don’t act like you won’t.

I hope you know what love is this weekend! Let me know what your favorite Mariah video is and you just might see it next week. ;)