Video Roundup // 8

For the last several days I've been gathering everything I need for tax season, with Mariah on repeat. I can't explain it, but her entire discography is exactly what I need to get this shit done. I went down a pretty deep rabbithole of Mariah videos, and there are just too many to fit in one post. So this week is part one of a new Mariah series! Each week I'll be serving up five Mariah videos until I run out or get tired, whichever happens first. Here we go!

1. We Belong Together

When I first went freelance in late 2015, I got hooked on "We Belong Together." I listened to it on repeat, for hours, doing my very first freelance jobs. I know every word now. This video has all of Mariah's favorite things: singing with wet hair, singing with wind blowing through her hair, and a dramatic exit with a hot dude. Get it girl.

2. Up Out My Face

I had somehow *never* seen this video of Mariah and Nicki together until today. The cheap typography is unfortunate — and why does Mimi’s name on her doll box get a drop shadow but not Nicki? Is Mariah's star brighter? Also, the B in Barbie on Nicki's necklace is blurred out for legal reasons, obvs. Cheap aesthetic aside, the best part of this video is definitely that they’re having fun together. :)

3. Emotions

I noticed the Emotions album cover on Spotify and had to investigate. What I found was Mariah hanging out with a bunch of sexy dudes and cool girls in a technicolor party, that includes some guy feeding a loris. YASSS.

4. Dreamlover

Ah the 90s, so carefree! Ms. Misandry has a field of hotties dancing for her, and she’s rocking a casual girl-next-door look. Very cute. Plus does anyone know who the androgynous friend in the stripe shirt is??

5. Obsessed

Apparently Eminem said some nasty things about her back in the day, and she made this song about it. The best part of this video is definitely Mariah dressed as Eminem in a room full of posters of her. Oh, and more wind blowing through her hair. 

Stay tuned for five more Mariah videos next week! What are your top Mariah videos? Let me know in the comments!