Video Roundup // 3

This week's video roundup includes a behind-the-scenes interview with Chaz Bundick aka Toro y Moi, a summary of one couple's 5-month roadtrip across the US, and a little inside joke for graphic designers. Enjoy!

found on booooooom

Chaz Bundick talks about the importance of honesty is your work and in your music. He reminds you to make the music you want to make, not the music you think other people want to hear. This nicely correlates with art and design, and our constant instincts to please other people. 

“Just be as weird as you can get.”

Vancrafted is the story of one couple from NY who dropped everything, bought a van, and roadtripped across the US last year. I followed their adventure on Instagram and loved seeing the beautiful places they found. I want to make a trip like this one day!

And finally, a joke for graphic designers. It makes me wonder if I subconsciously wanted to become one after seeing some of these films...

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Video Roundup

Welcome to a new series, Video Roundup. Every Wednesday I'll be sharing the videos that are catching my eye.

In honor of the Superbowl (yes, I'm behind!) we're starting with a throwback Missy jam. Favorite line: “step to me, get burnt like toast.”

While I was on the throwback train, I had a nice, long laugh at the Chinese Backstreet Boys. Remember them?! One of the first viral videos. My favorite is their roommate in the background, obviously uninterested in the history taking place behind him.

And now for something completely different: Off the Record, a design documentary by Laura Sans of Barcelona. Laura interviews a handful of designers on the deeper contexts and implications that we sometimes ignore in the industry. It definitely made me miss design school a bit. If you didn't go to a Bauhaus-y design school and have long discussions about the greater meaning of design, then you're especially in for a treat. 

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