Most people either say they're a morning person or an evening person. When you work for yourself, you can get super nuanced about when you want to do different types of creative work. For me, that mostly means I see very few people during the week. Yeah, I'm a work hermit. Not always. But sometimes I just get in this mood that lasts for weeks where I feel like I constantly have something that I want to be doing. Instead of wondering if this is good or bad, I'm rolling with it. Texting other stay-at-home club members (when my phone isn't in Do Not Disturb) helps me make sure I still have a social life. :)

I get the most work done early in the morning, late at night, on Friday afternoons, or during big events like the Super Bowl. I think it’s because the world is a little quieter. I feel like I can get away with brave, creative, honest work when the whole world isn’t looking – no judgment and no noise. Finding the space to be creatively WEIRD and WONDERFUL is one of the best gifts you can give yourself! That's what Tuff Stuff and 100 scribbled-down half-baked ideas are all about. When we take our work too seriously, it shows. Give yourself room to play! And remember:

When do you feel the most focused and creative? What helps you get loose and make silly stuff??