I'm a visual designer in San Francisco – currently working with Google in Mountain View.


Since 2014, I’ve been running my own design studio. My core work is creating branded product experiences for billions of people. I’m happy working with clients like Apple, Facebook, Twitter & OpenTable.

From 2011-2012, I was building about.me from scratch with wonderful humans. Then, I joined agency life at Smart Design. For two years there, I was conducting research & designing products for clients like Samsung & HP.

Somewhere in the middle, I was co-leading a design education company called The Secret Handshake. From 2013-2015, I was organizing sold-out conferences for 200+ design students. We hired diverse speakers from all backgrounds to share their life experiences. The conferences were hosted in San Francisco, Chicago & New York, respectively.

At this point, my portfolio is pretty out of date. With that being said, here's the book I made last year :)

Wanna talk shop? I’m pretty busy right now & open to reading notes from smart folks doing good things.

BRB, building the future!



“Laura is a delight. She’s well-spoken and has a great energy that she can bring to bear on projects and a team. She’s strong at ideation and connecting research to concepts and insights. She’s worked on a variety of projects, from web to devices to mobile, and is always willing to pitch in and help whenever she can. She’s always eager to improve and learn, which is one of her great strengths.”

Dan Saffer, Product Design Lead at Twitter