Reiki with Laura Helen Winn

Gentle touch, soft sounds & sacred space

Healing in Oakland, CA

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Working with Laura

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My reiki practice focuses on healing through sound, touch, and sight. Our bodies are naturally tuned instruments. When given the proper support, we’re able to look within & heal ourselves. My gifts of intuition, nurture, and music creates a safe environment for your own healing process.

As people, we collect dust & debris from our lives that can leave us feeling stuck! Residual stress shows up in the body in many different ways – from back aches to restless legs. When this happens, we need some help getting our juices flowing again!



Reiki & Sound Healing

Hands-on healing touch. Crystal bowls & sacred drums lift your vibrational frequency for optimal healing. A listening and supportive ear is here for you to express whatever in your life needs lifting, healing, transmuting.


Distance Healing

Connect with me regardless of your physical location. We’ll discuss what needs clearing from your past or present life; we’ll uncover your dreams for the future together. Reiki is timeless & formless – our work together can be initiated across any time zone.


What is Reiki?


Reiki is an energetic modality that deepens your connection to self. It is a gentle, hands-on healing practice that allows you to relax deeply into your body's natural healing state. All you have to do is show up, rest your body while fully clothed, & remember to breathe.

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Through sound & meditation, I create a safe space for you to heal. You can bring anything to me – from back pain to a broken heart. We'll work together to bring you into a place of easeful grace.


Reiki relieves stress & clears emotional tension. Working in harmony, we’ll remove blockages so that you can live your life with clarity, purpose & awareness.

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I was fortunate enough to receive a short Reiki session from Laura. I was blown away by the potency of Love that was channeled into my being. I dropping into a state of being where I received clarity, light, and information from higher dimensions of Love. Whether you are curious of receiving Reiki for the first time or have been receiving for years, I recommend Laura's ability to channel this energy for transformation.

– Jesse, San Francisco

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Your reiki is so soft and so nice energy for me.
I received a message –

I love being me.
I am at the center of peace.
I open new doors to life.

Thank you for your kindness!

– Mayumi, Japan

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Inner light & ever-present love is available to us all.
May it flow from your inner wellspring out into the world!!