In early 2015, I worked with ShopStyle as a UX designer to make improvements to their mobile app. Their engineering team needed design help on both a structural level, and with creating new features and capabilities. I worked with closely with Shopstyle's Design Director, the mobile product manager, and a team of mobile engineers.



My first step was sketching out the app architecture, an updated navigation, and updated user flow in wireframes. I love using wireframes as a tool for validating concepts with stakeholders before too much time is spent in visuals.



The biggest aspect lacking from ShopStyle was personalization – why should users browse through dozens of brands they don't care about before seeing the ones they actually like? With this in mind, I designed an onboarding flow that enables users to customize their feed.

 Onboarding wireframes. Users select brands they want to follow for their customized feed.

Final Design

Throughout the entire design process, I worked closely with the design director to make the sure wireframes were supporting the final visual design. I also worked closely with engineers on implementation, ensuring that the final architecture and animations were built and shipped correctly.

 ShopStyle's live redesign. Visual design was led by Kele Dobrinski and his team.